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The mood is not the best. I'm upset, and I can see Mason's upset, too.

We don't really understand what's going on. They haven't let us out of the carrier yet, we're stopped in the van that has the tailgate open, and we see that we're in front of the usual facility we've been in these last few days, so why haven't they let us out? The men are moving around us, gesturing and yelling into the phone. From what I hear Russia has closed the borders to China, so they must be looking for foreign escorts for the plane.

I have no idea what that means.

After a while they let us off for a walk. As we look for a place to do of our business, I see a man come in excitedly and yell something that sounds to me like "They found it, let's go". In a very few minutes they put us back on the carrier, close the tailgate and the van drives off again. We go on for hours, then the car stops and the men come to pick us up. They put the carrier on the ground and let us out for a walk.

The air is unlike any place I've been before. Nearby we have sliding doors, which like mouths open and close releasing fetid air. Even outside they send out a stench of shut-in. I don't have time to realize where we are that we are put back in the carrier and taken inside the stinking mouth. Inside the air is even more still and closed, the lights are dazzling, I can't clearly see where we're going, but it's Mason and I on some sort of open cart. What happens next is even more confusing: the carrier on a floor that runs on its own, a tunnel, a huge poorly lit space, initially cold, but gradually warming up; around me only carriers, no humans; then a deafening roar, loud sounds and my ears plug up; a very strong pressure. I crush to the ground on the carrier and don't move anymore. I close my eyes and wait for this new and terrible feeling to pass. I hear Mason in the carrier next door barking a little, then he too stops, and silence. I still have a feeling of pressure holding me to the ground, but at least there's no more noise. I sleep.

I don't know how long I slept before I heard a rumbling sound from below us again. Noise of a hatch opening, then something coming out and before long BAM, a thump from the ground that made me jump up on all four legs. I was on my feet, now I wasn't going to lie down again. I could feel that we had stopped, something was moving around us. Suddenly a door opens and we find ourselves outside. I immediately take a deep breath, and I realize only when my lungs are already full that the air is different, icy, but clean. You'd think we weren't where we were before. People speak a different language that I don't understand. Humans we have never seen before pile us up with suitcases and carriers on top of a truck and deposit us in a small room.

Once again, we are picked up and transported out, into a car and then to a strangers house. I'm confused and discombobulated by all these changes and new things. The only thing I know is that if there are humans I have to stick to them. So I find myself on the lap of this big man who speaks a language unknown to me. And I'm bilingual! The big man is so kind, he picks me up and takes me to an open space, behind his house, fenced off. Once on the ground I feel something cold, soft, a bit sandy, that enters between my fingertips. It's a new sensation, new ground, but it's not unpleasant. For a moment I forget about the confusion and play with that soft, white substance, roll around in it, lie on it, eat it. I enjoy it!

Here the dream is almost over. I spend a few days like this, then what happened before happens, I don't ask myself any more questions, but I accept: they take me, put me in the carrier and more tunnels, giant and metallic space, sounds, pressure, silence, more sounds and BAM, final blow!

But this time I'm being picked up by people who speak the same language as Martina. Maybe I'm getting closer? Maybe I will see her soon? They are all very kind, they take me out of the carrier, they cuddle me, they caress me, then they take me home and make me climb on the sofa, as Martina did. I don't eat and I don't sleep, I'm confused again, discombobulated, but excited, I can't shake the feeling that Martina is coming. I rest for a while on the couch, in a feeling of drowsiness. Hours pass and every sound makes me jolt. After a few hours of rest, the kind humans put my harness and leash back on and take me outside, heaven forbid I have to take another vehicle, to go where now? I'm worried. We take the elevator and arrive at a garage (all things I recognized because I had seen them before in China). I smell someone familiar. I keep sniffing, approach a car, the door opens and a gust of house enters my nostrils.

After a lot of walking around and searching, finally Martina!

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